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Welcome to the Bcharmd Blog! Keep up to date with our latest looks and news from our world of jewellery. As a jewellery brand we incorporate fashion and styling into our every day world, from how we dress & how we style our jewellery, to the beautiful interior of our own boutique.

The Autumn Winter 16' Launch

Stephanie Milburn

So it's another season... another jewellery collection launch, however now the season launch has finished I can safely say we've had our best ever season launch over the past 2 months at our trade shows, from London to Paris and back again it's been a lot of hard work but an amazing experience for us all. 

Seeing our stockists return over and over to our shows to re order my designs is so exciting to me, I love to hear how much their customers love bcharmd as much as our own lovely customers do our home city of Newcastle. 

It is always a huge deal for me launching at the at the first show of the season, everything has to be just right, in fact it takes me around 8 hours to set up the first show.  There is always so much that goes in to our shows behind the scenes and I couldnt do any of it without my amazing team. I usually start working on the collection a year before our first launch show so it's fair to say we are all on tender hooks at the start of the launch.  Launching my AW collections has been fun, exhuasting, exciting and rewarding and now I have finished our shows for the Autumn Winter season I can't wait to focus on my own beautiful boutique and get our own store all ready for the Christmas season (obviously the most wonderful time of year!)

 I love a nice bright desk space to work at! Here I am at top drawer working on our website in between meetings with our stockists. 

I love a nice bright desk space to work at! Here I am at top drawer working on our website in between meetings with our stockists. 

As a mum and wife I really miss my family when I'm away working but all I can say to that is thank goodness for facetime! Now I am back home it's a time to enjoy some quality family time, oh and get to work on finalising my Spring Summer 17 collection... Life in the fast lane eh, it really never stops, but I'm always very grateful to be so busy. If I'm not working I am spending time with my little girl, who by the way is desperate to get involved with bcharmd (I hope she feels that way in 20 years time!)

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with a blog post on our beautiful new boutique opening!


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