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Our online store offers a unique semi precious jewellery collection where creativity meets versatility. 

The Design Studio


From sketch to store, we're giving you a glimpse into how our seasons come to life & see the inspiration behind our most popular designs.

It all starts with a sketch....

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ELISE Necklace

Designed to be timeless, the Elise necklace will take your look from lovely to luxury with a classic Mother of Pearl Pendant.


[ S H O P  E L I S E ]


MARKLE Necklace

Minimalism & sophistication at it's finest, the Markle is a necklace that will define your look with luxe.

[ S H O P  M A R K L E ]


AMARIS Earrings


With versatility as our mantra, the Amaris earrings will keep you on-trend. Simply go with or without the pendant & style your own way.


[ S H O P  A M A R I S ]


FINOLA Bracelet


Designed with graduating Seashells & a gold tassel pendant, think bohemian summer days & relaxing on a beach with our Finola bracelet.


[ S H O P  F I N O L A ]